Calling in my fellow rich folks:

You should be moving more money right now.

Will the top 10% please stand up? and move some freakin money

Stimulus checks started going out to folks last week. You might not be getting one if your total household income exceeded $99,000 ($198,000 for couples).

If you got a check while still getting paid, or made too much money to be eligible, chances are you should be moving money out into the world. And probably more than just 1200 bucks.

First, pay your house cleaner, dog walker, or other domestic workers. Planned a trip that you aren’t taking? Pay your dog-sitter as planned. Gone over a month without your housecleaner? Pay them as if they showed up.

If you’re getting food or other goods delivered to your door, consider a) NOT putting their lives at risk so you can stay home, unless you’re immunocompromised or otherwise unable to shop, and b) tip them extra generously! Instead of a 15–20% tip, consider giving a tip of 50% or more (So you buy $40 of pizza and wings — Give the delivery driver 20 bucks!)

Then, look around at your community. We all know people who have been laid off, furloughed, or had their hours cut back. Check in on them. And send them a couple hundred bucks. Or more! 😉 Venmo and the other cash apps make this easy peasy.

And lastly, think about the folks who were left out of the stimulus package, or aren’t getting enough governmental support to cover basic needs. People who are undocumented, incarcerated, lack a bank account, or otherwise marginalized need support more than ever before.

Frankly, there’s tons of resources and lists of places and people to give to. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed with finding the exact perfect place to give.

Go with your gut. Trust people. And move some money!

We got this! @escoladainteligencia